B2B Content Marketing

Written by Katie Robinson

B2B content marketing is not a walk in the park. Therefore, anyone new to the business needs a comprehensive guide on how to go about it successfully. As you do your research on this kind of content marketing, you will realize that there is plenty of conflicting information out there. What should stick into your mind amidst of all these are the basic techniques that matter to the growth of your venture. In this article, we will analyze the several vital facets that are involved in B2B content marketing.

  • Identify your Audience


For you to meet your audience needs effectively, you have to know exactly who they are. For that matter, identifying your audience should be a priority when it comes to B2B marketing. Well, you may imagine that your audience is too broad to place your finger on particular individuals, but you will realize it is possible with the help of your Google Analytics data. From Google analytics data, you can narrow down your search by identifying the gender, age, and the location of individuals visiting your site regularly.


  • Developing Fresh Content


Among the biggest challenges of content marketing, developing new content is one of them. This primarily occurs to individuals that have been in this market for a while because they get to run out of ideas as time goes by. On this, you can search through the internet to see new ideas that people are bringing into your specific niche. Moreover, as you continue identifying your audience, you are also able to determine the kind of content they would love to read from your site.

  • B2B Content Promotion


Content marketing is quite a competitive niche, and you can end up beaten by competition if you fail to have a proper strategy. One of the ways you can thrive in the face of competition is by promoting your B2B content. Some individuals involved in this field assume that going with the organic traffic option on social media is enough. However, you should take note if you are advertising online with social media pages like Facebook, you could choose to go for the option you get to pay for. This is because it tends to bear more positive results in selling your content out there.


B2B Content Marketing Examples


General Electric– being one of the best B2B content marketing publishers, GE provides a wide variety of marketing content to a broad audience.

Hubspot – One of the major B2B content marketing blog.

Content Marketing Institute – This is the biggest of them all since it is the leading specialist in the world of B2B content marketing.



As mentioned earlier, B2B content marketing isn’t an easy path to walk. However, you can succeed in it if you can put the above tips into practice. Also, something else you need to have in mind is that your audience will be looking for more compelling content from you other than excessive self-promotion stuff. Take not of that.


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